5 Ways to Optimise Your Returns When Trading Forex

Tue, Mar 7, 2017

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The main reason anyone begins trading forex is to make money. After a while though, it can feel like you are stagnating and the profits aren’t increasing. Whether you’re trading currencies to boost your personal finances or as a way to earn some extra money for your business, opening an account with FxPro and using the following tips can be a great way to make more money trading forex in the near future.

  1. Stick with Your Style

There are many different trading styles and anyone new to the practice will soon pick up and discover the one that best suits them. Once you have decided on a style and trading plan, stick with it. Decide what your end goal is, including a time-frame, maximum losses and the overall aim. Changing your strategy part way through may could stop the plan from working before it has been given enough time.

  1. Learn to Deal with Losses

Losses are an unavoidable aspect of forex trading. It is often said that the best traders aren’t those who make the most wins, but minimise their losses the most. As your money is always at risk, set a maximum trade you can make (it is advisable to keep this at 2% or below of your total funds). In the same way, set a cap on your maximum leverage as well.  

  1. Focus on One Currency Pair

One of the reasons that you’re not being as successful as you’d hoped could be that you’ve spread your wings too far. Focus more of your time and efforts on just one currency pair. This will allow you to understand what affects both currency values most and will simplify your forex trading. Expand to more pairs once you have mastered trading just one.  

  1. Use Higher Time Frames

A lot of traders believe that there are more chances to make profitable trades using a lower time frame chart. This can be true, but it can also present more false signals. If you’ve been doing this then switching to use higher time frame charts can have a big effect. These are easier for beginners and can reduce the chances of seeing false signals.  

  1. Remain Realistic

Throughout your forex trading endeavours, you must remain realistic at all times. Review your account, how far you can realistically go with it before needing to add more funds and how much you should risk. Keeping this in check should prevent any major losses, which in turn can hopefully be transformed into more profits.

These five points should help you become more successful when trading forex in the future.

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