Impressive growth in the online gaming industry

Mon, Aug 22, 2016

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All over the world it seems that video games are bucking the trend of other industries by enjoying a period of unparalleled growth in a way that suggests that gaming has significantly accelerated its global reach and broadened the way that it entertains its huge audiences.


Last year saw games revenues soaring with a 7% jump in income from software sales with $16.5 billion earned from a massive range of titles that vary from traditional shoot-em-ups to some of the more advanced casino simulators.


It’s thought that much of this growth comes from the fact that the mobile gaming revolution is going from strength to strength with many independent developers enabling the industry to work in a much more dynamic and flexible way.


By meeting the endless gaming demands of a growing global market, there’s been a surprising growth of many gaming genres that may not fit the traditional arcade format. In particular online gambling brands like CasinoEuro have enjoyed a huge boost in popularity that thanks to an 18% increase in Q1 revenue will see the company being particularly well placed to take advantage of this booming market.


And similarly the eSports domain is one that’s delivered unprecedented growth throughout the past decade. With revenues expected to top $1 billion by the end of 2017, it’s helped broaden the appeal of gaming into becoming an activity that encourages spectatorship, which in turn could prove to be endlessly attractive for a range of advertisers who are keen to find new ways to tap into the youth market.


However, it’s not just the new attractions of casino and eSports gaming that’s helped provide some startling revenues as even traditional console games have been providing some spectacular figures recently.


In particular one of this year’s biggest hits, Overwatch, has managed to use many elements of competitive gaming tournaments to deliver a critically-acclaimed battle arena game that has already earned half a billion dollars for its makers Blizzard just months after the game’s launch.


And with countries as far apart as Spain and New Zealand encouraging their own homegrown gaming industries with some welcoming rates of growth, it’s clear that there are many levels of success in the story of video gaming.


But with the news that China has overtaken the US in iOS gaming revenue for the first time, it illustrates that the phenomenal popularity of casino games, mobile developments and eSports is finding some exciting new territories.


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