Speculate to Accumulate: How spending More can lead to savings over time

Mon, Jul 18, 2016

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There is an old adage which suggests that you should speculate to accumulate, and this is true for both individuals and business-owners alike. While this does not mean that you should spend recklessly, it underlines the fact that sensible and carefully considered investments can trigger long-term financial savings.

There are many instances in which this is relevant advice, so the key is to treat each decision on its individual merits while keeping your disposable income levels in mind at all times.


How to speculate and accumulate: 3 Ways in which Short-term spending drives long-term savings

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best ways through which short-term spending can drive long-term savings. Consider the following: –


Invest in Advanced and Reputable Courier services

Whether you are a normal citizen, a sole trader or a business-owner, it is likely that you have sent a number of packages during your lifetime. This can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, particularly if you attempt to post parcels yourself in a bid to avoid employing the services of a professional.

This represents a false economy, however, as you can actually encounter higher costs and considerable disruption by failing to connect with a reputable service provider such as TNT. Firms of this type can make parcel collection and delivery easier than ever before, while they also manage all aspects of shipping while offering the most competitive price.

While you may be forced to spend a little more depending on the size of each individual parcel, you are likely to save money over time as you eliminate the risk of complications and paying for additional postage.


Spend a little more to secure home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance is part of a huge market, while it is also one of the most important financial products that we will purchase in our lifetime. After all, this protects are most valuable asset as individuals, and it is something that we can ill afford to be without over time.

The problem is that when we compare the market we tend to be drawn to the lowest premiums, but this is not necessarily an indicator of quality of adequate coverage. The average premium cost for a home in California (based on specific coverage limits) is $1,366.42, for example, and while this offers an excellent guide to customers you must also factor in your own needs and requirements.

So be sure to factor in any special requirements that you may have, while also considering any non-standard policy features that may offer long-term value. Only then can you tailor your coverage and settle on a premium that offers the ideal balance between short and long-term savings.


Bite the Bullet on Household Groceries

Let’s face facts; the weekly shop can drastically eat into our budgets over time. Many of us look to compensate for this by eliminating items and attempting to reduce the amount that we spend on a weekly, or monthly, basis.

The issue with this is it can begin to impact our approach to essentially grocery items, and although we may eliminate these from our main shop we will probably have to purchase them separately further down the line. This can end up costing more depending on price variations, while it also takes time out of your day as you are required to make multiple trips to the shops.

With this in mind, it is far better to spend a little more on your main, weekly shop as this will help you to organise your finances better and make longer-term savings.

Our courier collection services are perfect if you need to ship items while you’re on the go. By managing all aspects of parcel collection and delivery, our parcel collection service takes the stress away, saving you time while we do the hard work.

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