The Freelancers guide to Productivity: Simple steps to optimise your income

Wed, Apr 27, 2016

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While freelancing is an increasingly popular pastime (whether you are self-employed or undertake additional work alongside a permanent job role), optimising your productivity is extremely difficult. This is especially true when you work from home, as the distractions of everyday life can quickly disturb your flow of work and prevent you maximising your income.

With 53 million freelancers in the U.S alone contributing a staggering $715 billion each year to the economy, the need for optimising productivity and earnings is crucial. This not only adds value and strength to the economy, but it also helps to lay the foundations for a self-sufficient workforce and the employers of tomorrow.


3 Steps towards optimising your income as a freelancer

With this in mind, and if you are to optimise your output and subsequent earnings when freelancing, here are three steps to keep in mind at all times: –


Bring the outdoors in and create the perfect workspace

When working from home as a full or part-time freelancer, this is arguably the most important consideration to bear in mind. A well laid-out and proportioned workspace can deliver excellent benefits, both in terms of your outlook and ability to be productive. Experts believe that the optimisation of natural light within a workspace can significantly lift your mood, which in turn drives far higher levels of productivity and mental focus.

It is even said that the optimisation of space and the integration of pot plants can also clear your mind and ease stress respectively, enabling you to complete more work and generate higher levels of income.


Create a fixed and balanced working schedule

As a freelancer (particularly one who works entirely as a self-employed contractor), it is tempting to believe that your earning potential will increase with every hour that you work. This encourages many to work in excess of 12 hours each day, while others will also forgo weekends and evenings in a bid to optimise their earnings.

This is often a false economy, however, and there are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, working long and unsociable hours can quickly leave you feeling fatigued and incapable of working at your optimum level. Secondary to this comes the issue of quality, which is bound to suffer as you become jaded and could potentially cost you long-term custom. Both of these factors can trigger short and long-term declines in your earnings, so it is important that you take a more considered view when creating a working schedule.

So, strive to create a balanced and manageable work schedule which allows you time to rest and spend time with your loved ones. While you can create flexibility in terms of the times that you work, try to place a limit on your hours and optimise your levels of focus at all times.


Prioritise your workload and individual tasks

According to motivational speaker Brian Tracy, optimising your productivity and earning potential can be achieved by a high volume of small but impactful changes. He claims that simply by increasing your productivity by 0.01% each day, it is possible to become more effective over time and driver far higher earnings in your career.

One of the key elements of this is prioritising your workload, focusing on one task at a time and placing a higher value of certain products according to remuneration. Developing a clearly defined list of priorities improves your focus no end, while placing a greater emphasis on high-yield projects will also help to optimise your earnings at any given time.

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