How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

Thu, Apr 21, 2016


Mobile phones – we all need them, but sometimes they can be a huge strain on the budget. With the latest smartphones on contact often costing an excess of £50 per month, saving money on your mobile phone bill has never been more important. But, many of us want a modern smartphone – after all, internet access on the go has become more of an essential than a luxury, especially for those who communicate with others online or work online often. Thankfully, saving money on your smartphone doesn’t have to mean getting a Nokia brick on PAYG.

SIM Only Contracts

If, like most people, you’d rather have a phone contract than top up your phone as you use it, SIM only contracts are an ideal alternative to a traditional contract for those looking to save some cash. SIM only contracts offer large amounts of minutes, texts and data at much cheaper price tags, simply because you only get the SIM card included – and not the handset. This makes them a perfect choice for anybody who is nearing the end of their contract and doesn’t mind hanging onto their current handset. If your handset is relatively new and in good working order, why waste money upgrading it? You can even switch to a cheaper network and use their SIM in your current phone by using a smartphone and I Phone unlocking service.

Refurbished Handsets

Many people shy away from refurbished handsets, but they’re actually missing out on a pretty good deal. Not only are many refurbished handsets actually in perfectly good working order, many good manufacturer refurbished handsets also come with a warranty, meaning that if anything is wrong, you can get a full refund or a replacement. Studies suggest that a large percentage of refurbished handsets aren’t listed as such because they have had a problem – in many cases, it could be something as simple as the box was opened by a customer who decided that they didn’t like the handset, meaning that it couldn’t be sold on as new. Manufacturer refurbished handsets are usually repaired to a high standard, meaning that the only difference between them and a brand new phone is the price tag.

Look for Deals

There are many other ways in which you can save money on your mobile phone bill, with one huge one being staying on the lookout for deals. If you’re in the market for a new phone, you’ll be glad to hear that many mobile phone networks put on a lot of great deals to attract new customers, which you won’t be able to get by upgrading your current contract. Alternatively, speaking to your current network provider may reveal a range of loyalty deals that you can take advantage of if you decide to remain with them. Online, there are a range of great ‘free gift’ deals to be found – signing up for a mobile contract deal that includes a television, laptop, or even free cash back are all available for those looking to save money.

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