3 Mobile Apps that can help you to save money in 2016

Tue, Jan 26, 2016

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In the fascinating and fast-evolving mobile app market, the range of available products is quite simply staggering. Take the ground-breaking Headcaster app, for example, which provides a fun and innovative platform through which individuals can interact with one another as animated incarnations of themselves.

At the other end of the spectrum, however, there is also a vast range of functional applications that can help you to complete perfunctory (but nonetheless important) everyday tasks. Take saving money, which is a common goal in contemporary society and one that has been targeted by app developers across the globe.

3 Apps that can help you to save money this year

Given the size of this market, it can be hard to distinguish between purposeful and comprehensive money-saving apps and those are less effective. With this in mind, here are three of the most popular and efficient applications available in 2016: –

  1. Mint (Available for: iOS and Android)

Often referred to jovially as ‘the Beyoncé’ of personal finance apps, Mint is a powerful tool that enables users to keep track of their financial activity from every single online account. From your current accounts to any accumulated savings and retirement funds, Mint provides you with real-time access to your accounts from a single platform.

In addition to basic list functionality and budgeting tools, it can also chart your spending patterns and highlight any trends that need to be challenged. It also automatically records and categorises your expenditure, presenting this data in easy to understand, visual charts. Ideal for users of all ages, this app reigns supreme within the sector and is one to look out for!

  1. BillTracker (Available for: iOS)

In terms of more specific apps with a singular focus, BillTracker is one of the most popular on the current market. Designed and developed from SnapTap, this is a passcode-encrypted tool that tracks every single bill and debtor account within a single space and lets you manage your monthly repayments.

With this app, you can list everything from due dates to outstanding debt totals, while it also presents your individual repayment plans in an eye-pleasing graphical calendar. There is also an option to enable notifications that can be delivered directly to your smartphone, meaning that you need never miss another payment again or forget to follow up with lenders.

  1. You Need a Budget (Available for: iOS and Android)

Detailed but easy to use in equal measure, You Need a Budget (or YNAB as it is affectionately known) is underpinned by outstanding software and a clearly defined focus. It is essentially a budgeting interface that operates according to a specific strategy, focusing on listing incomes, saving funds, adapting to financial change and learning how to live frugally.

Arguably one of the most innovative finance apps from a concept perspective, YNAB has a simple goal to change the way in which users manage money and help individuals to become more financially secure. It also comes with compatible, $60 software that also includes standard budgeting features, so it is ideal for those who are serious about saving and tend to agree with the YNAB philosophy.

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