Which Financial Marketplace and Investments should you consider in 2015?

Mon, Feb 16, 2015


We live in an age of innovation, where it is easier than ever for ambitious individuals to achieve their financial and commercial dreams. Take the field of financial investment, for example, where the development of remote trading platforms has removed many of the barriers to entry that once surrounded the marketplace. This has created an environment where traders can access their chosen products and market in real-time, and dramatically the role of brokers from active middle-men to behind the scenes facilitators.

The Best Investments and Financial Markets in 2015

With this in mind, the main challenge facing traders is their ability to identify lucrative markets and create an effective investment strategy. This is easier said than done, especially in a volatile marketplace that is vulnerable to social, economic and political shifts. So let’s take a look at three of the most viable investment options for 2015 and how traders can capitalise: –


  • Foreign Stocks and Markets


Although the U.S. stock market has grown in value this year, many foreign and overseas entities have depreciated at a steady rate. With factors such as the Eurozone crisis continuing to trigger depreciation and economic decline, the value of foreign stocks and shares have plummeted and will subsequently offer attractive buying opportunities to international investors.  Although it is not an opportunity that it suitable for those with a completely risk-averse approach to investment, it can deliver long-term gains for investors with capital and a clear understanding of the market. This will certainly apply if various European powers commit to additional quantitative easing measures, as this will impact the stock market positively in the latter part of 2015.


  • Small Companies with strong Exposure to the U.S.


The American economy is expected to continue its recent growth throughout 2014, with estimated expansion of between 2.5% and 35 being forecast by experts. This will contrast sharply with economic performance in Europe, so there will also be a potential short-fall in terms of trade and export opportunities. Investors may therefore be wise to eschew the option of investing in large corporations, however, as these entities usually generate up to 30% of their revenues from international exports. In contrast, small and independent ventures usually earn their income from domestic trade, so investors should commit to these companies and benefit from increased exposure to an improving U.S. economy.


  • Master Limited Partnerships


With the price of oil likely to remain a contentious financial issue in 2015, many investors have declined to invest in this commodity. This may be detrimental; however, as there is evidence to suggest that Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s) will grow at a concerted rate in the next six months and offer a lucrative investment opportunity. These entities, which trade like stocks and generally consist of firms that owns oil and gas, are continuing to grow at an estimated 7% (in comparison with the 10-year Treasury yield of just 2.34%.) So before turning your back on oil entirely, consider investing in MLP’s before this trend begins to decline towards the end of 2015.



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