How to save Money on your Car Insurance

Sat, Feb 21, 2015

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The cost of car insurance has risen slightly in recent times, and this may come as a surprise to some motorists in Europe and the UK. It may also cause considerable consternation, as rising insurance premiums can hit consumers hard and force them to spread their disposable income further than it can comfortably stretch. Even if you can cope with an increase in your monthly financial outlay, it is important to make provisions and attempt to reduce costs where possible.


3 Ways to cut the cost of Car Insurance


With this in mind, what proactive and practical steps can you take to reduce the cost of car insurance premiums? Consider the following: –



  • Buy a Modest and Fuel Efficient Car



The single biggest influence on car insurance premiums is the model that you drive, as this will have a performance specification that offers a fixed level of risk to insurers. High performance sports cars are theoretically more likely to be involved in high speed collisions, so insurers will factor this in to their calculations when selling premiums. To negate this issue, you should always look to buy a modest and fuel-efficient car that can maintain steady and consistent performance, as this will appeal to insurers and also help you to reduce the cost of fuelling the vehicle.



  • Improve your Standing as a Driver



The next crucial factor to consider as a driver is your status, as by improving your skill-set and record as a motorist you can reduce the cost of annual premiums. Fair and reputable insurers such as Axa will take these factors into consideration, so there is every chance of reducing the amount that you pay on a monthly basis. To achieve this, consider investing in an advanced driving test that enhances your existing skills before presenting this qualification to insurers. In addition to this, you should also strive to keep a clean record and minimise the amount of points on your license.



  • Add an Experienced Second Driver to your Claim



This is an underrated method of reducing insurance premiums, but it is also extremely effective and purposeful. Simply by adding an experienced motorist with a clean record as a second driver on your claim, you can create a favourable impression on insurers. This is particularly effective for young or first-time car insurance applicants, as it adds depth to their claim and creates a sense of reassurance firms. It is small steps like this that can make a big difference when you secure car insurance premiums.


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