Selling Your Home Quickly and For the Right Price: Tips for Proactive Home-owners

Tue, Jun 3, 2014

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Besides the obvious emotional attachment, the main thing that discourages people from selling their home is whether they’ll get the right money for it, particularly if they need to sell it quickly. Property price points throughout the world vary considerably in real time, thanks to a number of changeable social, economic and geographical factors.

The UK market provides a relevant case in point, as prices in the North have always been considerably lower than in the desired Southern areas of Cornwall or London. But prospective sellers in the north have nothing to fear at the moment, as widespread economic growth and triggered a nationwide surge in real estate value.


A Property Boom in the West: How to Capitalise and sell your Home Quickly

This type of property boom is prevalent throughout the Western World, however, which means that home-owners have a unique opportunity to cash in and maximise the value in their house. To achieve this they need to be proactive and sell quickly, however, so they should always bear the following points in mind: –


Partnering with a Reputable Industry Service Provider

Naturally if you want to maximise your profits, there simply is no quick way to sell your home, regardless of the current high demand. In order to sell as quickly as possible for a decent enough profit, the only guaranteed option is to sell it direct – for cash – to a home-buying firm. You will not get quite the same money as you would by going through an estate agent, but you’ll not have to wait either. And given the current state of the global property market and its prevailing level of positive sentiment, you might be quite surprised by just how much you get offered for an on the spot, instantaneous sale.


Be Realistic when Striking the Balance between Cost and Time

Both time and money are valuable commodities in the real estate market, and it is important to strike a manageable balance between the two when looking to sell your home quickly. Essentially, your priorities as a home-owner will depend on your own unique set of circumstances, so it is crucial that you fully appraise your situation and decide on what matters to you the most. If the speed of the sale remains the single most important goal, for example, you may be required to compromise a little on your asking price and bottom line return.


Learn the delicate Art of Negotiation

Once you are ready to execute a sale, it is important to practice the delicate and often understated art of negotiation. Ultimately, selling is something that must be conducted between two individuals, each of whom has their own set of goals and aspirations. It is your task to develop rapport with a buyer or home buying service and use communication skills to achieve your desired price. A key feature of this process is your willingness to compromise, as this will ensure that each party is satisfied and help you to execute a quicker deal.

Above all else, remember that a compromise may well be required, especially as it is important to bear in mind that the current level of growth in the real estate market may not continue indefinitely!

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