Protecting Your Home & Your Financial Future

Mon, Apr 28, 2014

Financial Advice

Homeowners today need to take action in order to make certain the house and personal finances are secure. There are burglars and identity thieves in every part of the country looking for easy targets. Taking a proactive stance on home security will actually deter criminals. This is because identity thieves and burglars always look for unprotected houses first. Several tips will help to protect the home and the financial future of the family.

Use a Locking Mailbox

Mailboxes are prime targets for identity thieves. Identity thieves could take mail like credit card statements and bills out of the mailbox before anyone can bring it inside the home. They also look for outgoing mail from the family that includes statements or checks. The way to avoid this is to use a locking mailbox. Only the postal carrier and the family will be able to open the mailbox. This will prevent identity thieves from stealing mail.

Shred Personal Documents

Any papers or documents in the home that contain even the smallest amount of personal information should be shredded before going into the trash. It only takes a second to shred a bank statement or credit card notification. Shredding receipts is a good idea as well since some contain partial credit card numbers or other information. Families should invest in a good shredder that can handle harder items as well. This will make it possible to start shredding credit cards and CDs containing financial data.

Install a Home Security System

Installing a home security system from will protect the house in many ways. Security systems can monitor the home at all times whether someone is home or not. A good system can monitor for motion and sound in case burglars try to enter by breaking a window. Modern systems can be accessed across the Internet or through a mobile device so that the family always knows what is happening in the house even while at work or on vacation. Some advanced systems include home automation options so families can lock doors and turn on lights remotely. Home security systems will deter criminals.

Landscape to Protect the Home

The right landscaping can help to protect a home. Bushes and trees should be moved away from windows and the side of the home. This takes away places where burglars could hide. Installing tall trees or fences along the edge of the property will stop thieves from getting onto the property from neighboring yards. Maintaining a wide and open line of sight from the curb to the front of the home will also deter thieves since there is no way to approach undetected.

Password Protect Wireless Signals

Modern identity thieves sometimes look for unsecured wireless signals coming from devices or routers in the home. The thieves can gain access to computers and other devices through that signal. This could allow the criminals to steal personal information directly off mobile phones or hard drives. Preventing this means password protecting any wireless signals. The password should also be changed every few months for maximum security.

The time taken to install a security system or to password protect a router is really an investment. Every small action that is taken to improve home security will pay off later when burglars and identity thieves decide not to target the house. This will keep the home and the financial future of the family safe.

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