Changing Your Career for Supplemental Income: When to Make the Move

Tue, Apr 22, 2014

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Why People Change Careers

Most individuals will need to change a career several times during their lifetime in order to maintain an income. Needing to learn new skills to earn supplemental income is often the result of a job layoff, geographic move or aging. As people live longer life spans, returning to school to learn how to perform a different job is often necessary. Anyone interested in making a career change can find short-term educational programs that will lead to jobs that make it possible to earn supplemental cash with a part-time job.

Working as a Foreign Language Tutor

Just about everyone has specialized skills or knowledge that they can teach to someone else. While many people think of tutors as only being licensed teachers, a tutor can teach any topic they choose. If you understand how to speak a foreign language fluently, then it is possible to earn extra cash giving private or group lesson to students. There are several great things about this career option, including being able to teach using a computer while setting your own hours.

Cleaning Private Residences and Commercial Properties

Many homeowners and business managers do not have time to clean their properties. They may not want to have full-time employees to avoid paying taxes and insurance. This is an excellent career option for stay-at-home mothers, retirees or students to earn supplemental income whenever they like. Most individuals seeking a part-time job already know how to vacuum, mop and sanitize fixtures in their own homes. Beginning a cleaning service requires an individual to attain a business license, buy bonding insurance and purchase equipment.

Working as a Professional Massage Therapist

To earn extra cash in your spare time after school or work, it is possible to become a professional massage therapist. Many local community colleges offer evening or weekend classes to adult students wanting to change their careers. With the flexibility found in this profession, many find comfort and an easy adjustment to the change in career path. Massage therapist also have flexible accessories available to them in order to accommodate their schedules; accessories such as portable massage tables and even electric tables. Massage therapists may need to pass a state examination to verify they understand human anatomy and physiology before providing services. Day spas, hotels and beauty salons often employ massage therapists a few hours a week to offer foot, back or neck massages to clients. It is also possible to have private clients who request professional massage services at their homes or offices.

Evening and Weekend Childcare Services

Many parents would prefer to have a mature adult caring for their children while they are having a date night. Because many individuals attempting to supplement their incomes have already raised children, this is a job that requires very little training. It is vital to have a criminal background screening to provide documents to parents to ensure their child’s safety. Prepare for this job by gathering items such as games, books and sport equipment to keep children of various ages entertained.

Preparing to Supplement Your Income

Before beginning to work at a part-time job to supplement your income, determine what federal, state and local laws require for licensing and tax documentation. Create a written business plan to determine how you will advertise and charge for services. You may want to have a descriptive business website with an email address and telephone number listed that allows potential customers to request information. At the same time, have business cards printed to distribute to friends and family to advertise a new career.


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