Budgeting Your Business: Don’t Cut Here

Wed, Apr 16, 2014

Budgeting, Financial Advice

When running a business, it is easy to cut expenses and believe you are helping your cause. While it is not difficult to cut costs, it is not easy to do so in an intelligent way. All too often, an entrepreneur will slash expenses and hurt the company. Here are five examples where you should not cut your budget.

Appropriate insurance packages: If you run a business, you will eventually end up in court. An employee, customer or contractor will eventually try to take you to court over a trivial or non-trivial manner. With contractor liability insurance, you can avoid serious issues when this occurs. Since contractor’s insurance is inexpensive, it is wise to buy an excellent policy offering full coverage. Otherwise, when one incident inevitably happens, you will end up with a serious and costly problem on your hands. For more coverage information you can visit sites such as EContractors Insurance.

Staff reduction: While tempting, try not to cut back on staffing levels. Since labor takes a major bite out of a company budget, foolish business owners try to cut back and save money by hiring part-time workers or contractors. It will save company money in the short run. In the future, it will cost the organization dearly as it is difficult to expand and run a decent business when employee turnover is high and morale is low.

Office space: It is unwise to downsize your office or find a place in an undesirable location. While it will save your company plenty on rent, it will create long-term problems. A corporation should keep an office in a popular and business-friendly area where customers live and work. Otherwise, if you try to save money and forego this, you will hurt your cause when people are unwilling to visit your place of business in the middle of nowhere.

Marketing: With a well-thought-out and developed marketing strategy, your company can find new customers with ease. Marketing is an important aspect of an organization and you cannot leave this to chance. Instead, cut expenses elsewhere as you will not succeed if you can’t find excited clients willing to spend money on your products and services. If you still need to lower your expenses, do so carefully as one false move in this arena will hurt your profits and cause you severe headaches.

Employee benefits: If you want to run a viable company that lasts a long time and provides quality services to clients, you need satisfied hardworking employees. With regards to compensation, you need to offer health insurance, paid time off and a host of other benefits. While costly, it is worth it in the long run as your staff will give it a full effort and try their best to please customers. To understand this, look at any successful company and you will notice that it offers plenty of benefits to its employees.

Research: If you want to understand your market better, you need to conduct product and customer research. While costly, it will save you money in the future. Once you know your target audience and product better, you will reel in customers with minimal effort.

It is not wise to cut all your business expenses. While it is easy to slash budgets, you will feel the pinch in the long run. Instead, look at your company and wisely trim costs in non-essential areas.


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