Lining your Future for the Right Job: Top Things to Avoid

Sun, Mar 16, 2014

Financial Advice

Being cognizant of how your choices will impact your current or future career path is a vital aspect of ensuring that you will have the best possible chance at financial stability. After all, the economy is still in a recovery phase, so everyone needs to put their best foot forward in order to obtain and keep a good job. Unfortunately, there are multiple issues that could easily prevent you from achieving your goal of building a viable career in an industry that interests you.

With this in mind, you should put smart practices in place in every area of your life so that a bad decision today does not end up negatively impacting your ability to pay your bills in the future. There are several things all career minded people should try to avoid to protect their future and career.

1. Posting Undesirable Content Online

One of the first things that most employers do before they call candidates for an interview is perform a Google search to see if anything unsavory comes up. In other words, that photograph of you getting wasted at a friend’s party could actually prevent you from getting your dream job. Therefore, if you want to provide yourself with increased job prospects and financial opportunities, you need to carefully monitor anything that is posted online that can be linked to your name.

2. Avoid Legal Issues

Everyone knows that getting into serious legal trouble such as serving time for murder will make it next to impossible to find a quality job. However, many people are unaware of the damage that can be done to their career prospects for more commonplace issues with the law, including being convicted of a DUI. In fact, having a DUI on your record can cause liability issues for employers, and this makes you a much less attractive prospect.

Therefore, if you are arrested for this crime, it is imperative to contact a DUI attorney immediately. Having experienced legal representation will improve your chances of receiving a minimum penalty, with possible programs that can be taken part in versus jail time. It is also important to note that laws vary from state to state with some being stricter, such as those in New Jersey. One helpful legal counsel, Evan Levow DUI attorney in NJ, advises that “New Jersey does not allow a restricted driver’s license for drivers convicted of DWI / DUI or Refusal, to drive to work or any other destination, regardless of how essential the destination is to you, your job or your family.” An attorney in this state would be vital to maintain a job.

3. Developing a Bad Reputation 

Even if your current employer is completely insufferable, you should never give into the temptation to quit a job in an unprofessional manner. Sadly, other companies are not going to take the time to research whether or not your reaction to the situation was valid. Instead, they will simply look at you as an individual who is not professional enough to become a part of their team.

4. Making Unwise Financial Choices 

Although many people do not think it is fair, it is becoming increasingly common for employers to do a credit check on job candidates to help them judge the quality of each applicant. Because of this, anyone who is not careful with their finances will have a much more difficult time securing a high enough paying job to help them pay off all of their debt.

5. Do Not Job Hop

The most desirable companies in your chosen field are going to be looking for people who have a proven history of providing a quality performance without hopping from job to job on a regular basis. Therefore, it is not a good idea to try to make a major career move if you have been with your current employer for less than one year.

Avoiding all of these mistakes should make it much easier for you to land a lucrative position after you have taken the time to properly build your career. Financial stability is also one of the most desirable qualities in a mate, so taking the proper steps along your career path can be beneficial for your work and personal lives.

Formerly in business management and HR, Lisa Coleman understands the importance of today’s choices affecting future opportunities. She recently researched the website of Levow DUI attorney group to obtain information to help her complete this piece.

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