6 Benefits of Web-Based Point of Sale Software

Thu, Feb 6, 2014

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As technology advances, retailers’ lives are being made easier with the rapid developments in point of sale software. While this can only be a good thing for business, the main drawback is that the speed of development can be hard to keep up with. You may be able to identify with this if you have a purchased a POS system in the last year or two, only to find that it’s already obsolete.

That’s just one reason why more and more retailers are switching to software as a service (SaaS), or cloud-based POS. This is one new software development that actually protects you from being stuck with an expensive, but obsolete retail system. We take a look at six reasons why your next point of sale software application might reside in the cloud.

1) Better Systems at Lower Prices

With SaaS you get the features and functionalities offered by only the best in-premises software, at a fraction of the cost. Many retailers are reluctant to upgrade older POS solutions and benefit from real time management technology because the cost is prohibitive. Web-based point of sale software puts cutting edge technology within reach of even the most impoverished retailer. The next point explains why.

2) Pay-as-You-Go

Cloud-based software usually requires very little, if any capital investment. You don’t need to purchase a server to host your application and database, so hardware costs are minimized. SaaS solutions are run as a service, so you generally pay a monthly subscription to the software provider. This makes it easy to get up and running with state-of-the-art Point of sale software, even if your budget is very limited.

3) Huge Range of Applications

When your software is hosted on the cloud, it’s running on best-in-class server technology. This gives any retailer access to an array of functionality that would traditionally exist only within large and lucrative enterprises. With SaaS, even small retail businesses can inexpensively benefit from real-time inventory management, Customer management and other advanced applications.

4) Growing, or Shrinking with Your Business

SaaS is super-scalable. If your business grows and you open additional outlets, they are easily accommodated by your software provider and can be switched on immediately. Similarly, if you should ever need to downscale, that’s fast and simple too. Flexibility and adaptability represent perhaps the biggest advantages of web-based point of sale software.

5) Reduced Business Risk

With your software hosted on someone else’s servers and that someone else being responsible for many other retailers systems, reliability of your POS solution is assured. You are unlikely to be afflicted by downtime – ever. Your data is safe too, due to high levels of redundancy deployed in the software provider’s system architecture. You also benefit from guaranteed response times in the event of any technical issues and automatic upgrades as new technology is introduced.

6) Integration of Online and Bricks and Mortar Retail

Cloud technology is good news for online retailers too, particularly those running stores in the high street as well as online. Web-based software enables online sales and those from physical retail outlets to be synchronized on a single platform. Inventory and catalogs for multiple outlets and web stores can also be integrated. Even customer histories can be fully recorded, so when an online shopper comes to your physical store to return an item purchased online, you or your staff can handle it.

That Was Six of the Best

SaaS providers will be able to give you plenty more reasons why your next POS system should use software in the cloud. If you’ve recently invested in a more traditional system and need to live with it for a few years, keep the 6 points above in mind. Just in case you still have an opportunity to choose between SaaS and in-premises software in a few years’ time. At the rate technology is advancing though, on-premises solutions might just go the way of the dinosaurs.


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