On Your Mark, Get Set, Shop! New Year’s Discount Deals!

Tue, Jan 7, 2014

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After the holidays, many people suffer from SOS (Shopped Out Syndrome). But the smartest shoppers know that just after New Year’s is when the real deals kick in, and more importantly, where to get them. Some people even get a jump on next year’s holiday shopping, thus saving themselves hundreds of dollars in the process. How do these clever consumers sniff out the best deals?

Becoming A Super Shopper

If you’ve decided to join the legions of people saving tons of money in the new year, getting yourself out there in January is one of the easiest ways to score. Both online and your traditional “bricks and mortar” shops feel the post-holiday pinch, and will often offer deep discounts to move stock they thought would sell during the holidays. Finding yourself the best deals isn’t difficult, either – it just takes time and know-how.


1) Be like Santa and make a list.

Having a list will help you stick to your budget better, and can also remind you of important items you don’t want to forget. Obviously you will often find deals on other items that aren’t on the shopping agenda, but you can make those decisions as they come up. Try to ask yourself if the item is going to be immediately useful, or if you can use it as a gift for someone else in the year. If the answer is “yes,” then you’ve just scored another bargain.

2) Check price comparison websites.

Using a price comparison website, particularly for online shopping, can save you bundles and also eliminate a Super Shopper’s worst enemy: the Hunting Headache. Sites such as Pricegrabber.com allow easy searching on everything from appliances to jewelry and groceries. Additionally, there are apps you can download so you can check who’s got the best discounts while you’re out and about. Regularly consulting websites such as these can  alleviate the headache and give you a head’s up on the best deals on just about anything you want to purchase.


3) Stay warm, cozy and online.

Going online to do most of your bargain hunting can not only save you cash, but it can also save time when you let your fingers do the walking rather than trudging around the mall. This is particularly true for kid’s items, especially on an item like as a playard for babies or a stroller. Another benefit of online shopping is home delivery, meaning you avoid those back-straining bags and trips to the trunk to drop off your bargains.

4) Don’t be afraid to bargain.

Though this doesn’t work very well when you’re buying that pair of jeans, bigger ticket items often have a little “wiggle room” when it comes to price. Ask to speak to the manager and see if they can come down on the price, or offer additional perks such as free delivery or installation. Chances are they want to make that sale. If you’re polite and friendly, you’re likely to save some dough.

5) Online auction sites are your new best friend.

It’s a sad fact of the holidays that people get gifts they just don’t want. Rather than ask for the receipt, many people sell them for next to nothing on auction sites such as eBay.com. Here’s your chance to turn someone else’s crummy Christmas gift into huge savings for you. Take a look at these sites before you even go out to shop, as you can often find amazing savings, particularly on unwanted electronics and clothing.

By following these bargain hunting tips, you’re sure to achieve your quest to become a Super Shopper. Remember, always check the price against other listed prices before you plunk down your hard-earned cash. By taking just a little extra time, the savings can be amazing.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell wishes everyone with a serious case of discount fever a very merry post-Christmas shopping season. A smart buy like a playard for babies will make you a seriously super shopper.


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