Caution Wet Floor! Handling Costly Slippery Situations

Mon, Jan 20, 2014

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No one starts out their day with the intention to suffer an injury before they make it back to the safety of their home. Unfortunately, people seem to be clumsy creatures as evidenced by the fact that there are 37.9 million emergency room visits in the United States yearly related to injuries. One of the most common accidents that result in injuries to people are slip-and-fall, or trip-and-fall, incidents. Because of their commonness, it’s imperative for people to understand and know how to respond to these accidents.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are common in just about every environment. In fact, they make up a full 15 percent of all on-the-job accidents that lead to injury. On a wider scale, however, there are well over a million Americans each year who suffer a fall-related accident. In fact, a full 17,000 individuals die from this type of accident.

In addition, about 57 percent of all fall-related accidents occur due to stumbling, tripping or slipping. A large majority of these incidents occur inside or around the home, but at least 25 percent of these injuries occur elsewhere. This could involve anything from a person tripping over their own feet to slipping and falling in a restaurant due to a spill that wasn’t properly marked with a “Wet Floor” sign.

Common Causes of Falls

There are a variety of factors that can lead to a trip or slip-and-fall accident. Nursing home neglect and footwear contribute to many of these accidents. Additionally, improper job training can also lead to an accident. On top of all of this, around three percent of slip-and-fall claims are actually fraudulent in nature and occur when people are simply looking for free paydays.

A full 55 percent of slip-and-fall accidents, however, occur due to dangerous surfaces that people walk on. This can include loose floorboards in a business, defective sidewalks and, as in the aforementioned restaurant case, slippery unmarked floors that aren’t quickly remedied.

Handling Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Handling a slip-and-fall accident can be a complex endeavor, but the first step obviously should be to get help. Honestly, just laying there looking at the ceiling doesn’t often result in a quick fix, and this is even the case if a person stays down there out of sheer embarrassment. If the injury occurs at a place of business, it’s important to have someone notify a manager on duty so that an incident report can be made.

After seeking medical attention, it’s imperative for a person to seek out legal help. These injuries can lead to long-term medical problems, and even when a company is willing to offer a settlement, they often purposefully don’t take into account the future medical bills and pain and suffering that a person is facing. An experienced attorney, however, will ensure that all of these things are taken into consideration and that a person receives the compensation they deserve.

Slip-and-fall accidents are sadly a common occurrence in America, and if a person doesn’t know how to properly react to the situation, they can end up with further injuries and insanely high medical bills. Sure, medical bills are typically insanely high anyway, but those related to falls can be even more severe. So if an accident occurs, a person should react proactively, and if one hasn’t occurred, for the love of all that is holy, watch out for wet floors.

Domonique Powell was inspired to write this article after her child had an accident. She found useful information on that better prepared her should another accident occur.

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  1. Gallardo Says:

    What To Do When You Have A Slip And Fall Accident
    The lawyers of Gallardo Law Firm advise you to:

    Seek medical attention as soon as possible. You must prioritize your health. Also, evidence of a real injury is the primary source of evidence. The analysis, medical summary, and treatment must confirm your incident so that you can receive compensation for your medical expenses.

    Report the accident immediately to the store manager, owner or person responsible for the facility where you fell. If the accident occurred in a commercial or rental unit, the manager or owner must make the accident report. If the accident happened at work look, then you must tell your supervisor. You must also obtain the names of the owners, managers or owners of the property or company.

    Obtain a copy of the accident report that caused the fall, before leaving the scene.

    If you slip and fall, limit yourself in talking, or giving detailed statements about the fall.

    Take pictures and write down the exact location where the accident occurred and the conditions that may have contributed or caused the fall. These images are essential to determine who is at fault. Also, they can clarify if the facts that caused the accident were under the control of the accused.

    Write the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses.

    Keep the clothes and any article you had on at the time of the incident.

    Contact a slip and fall attorney Miami before giving recorded statements to insurance adjusters.

    Slip and fall accidents can be considered a legal event when someone is injured on a property or establishment when the owner or occupant has failed to keep the property secure or has created a dangerous situation resulting in slip and fall injury.

    Slip and fall cases are fundamentally based on negligence. For this reason, it is vital that you know that there are time limits to file the claim.

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