5 Financial Planning Tips When Traveling Abroad

Sun, Dec 8, 2013

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Traveling abroad can be exciting, regardless of whether you are doing it for personal or business related reasons. However, it is important to recognize the fact that international travel can also be extremely cost prohibitive. Fortunately, there are several different techniques that you can utilize to help you keep your finances in line while you explore other portions of the world. The following are money saving ideas to travel abroad without sacrificing convenience.

1. Maximize Air MilesĀ 
Although it sometimes seems like it will take forever to save up enough air miles to get a free ticket, it is definitely possible to turn your business travel into a free ticket to another country. Additionally, you can also use your air miles to purchase upgrades so that you will be more comfortable while you are flying.

2. Consider Renting a Condo
Homeowners around the world rent out their condos and apartments on a short-term basis to travelers. In most cases, you can get pricing that is equivalent to a local hotel, but you will also have all of the perks that are associated with staying in a location that has a fully equipped kitchen. For example, you can save hundreds of dollars on your food expenses alone by simply making your own meals. As an added bonus, many of these locations will enable you to see a section of the city that is not filled with tourists.

3. Book an Airport Shuttle
There is nothing worse than getting off of a long international flight without having your transportation prearranged. Fortunately, you can use services such asĀ www.shuttledirect.com to provide you with transportation from the airport to your first destination. Using a shuttle instead of a taxi will also give you more space if you have a lot of luggage, and the cost is typically much more affordable.

4. Take Advantage of Free Days
Many popular tourist locations and museums have discounted or free days that you can take advantage of. Because of this, it is a good idea to research the locations that are on your must-see list to help ensure that you get the best possible deal. For example, if you are headed to Paris, it is a good idea to be there during the first Sunday of the month when almost every museum in the city is free.

5. Utilize a Discount Travel Site
There are several different travel websites that can help connect you with the best possible prices for rental cars, hotels and plane tickets. Additionally, most major cities offer a tourist package that will provide you with discounts for public transportation and many popular attractions. Therefore, if you want to travel for the lowest price possible, it is imperative to compare your options by visiting at least one discount travel site.

With all of these viable methods for saving money, it makes absolutely no sense to pay exorbitant fees for overseas travel. Instead, you should take a few moments to find the best possible prices, and you should also book an airport shuttle so that your arrival will go as smoothly as possible.

Lisa Coleman shares some financial planning ideas that promote savings when traveling overseas. She recently viewed online at www.shuttledirect.com some great deals on airport shuttle services when traveling throughout Europe, Eastern Asia and Northern Africa.

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