Handling your own Auto Insurance Claim: Is this Wise?

Mon, Oct 21, 2013

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With the economy still not fully recovered from the economic recession of 2008, keeping one’s finances in order can prove to be difficult. Unfortunately, if a person is involved in an auto accident, they can face additional bills that make financial planning even more difficult. Luckily, when an individual isn’t at fault for their accident, they can likely recover compensation for their monetary losses. In these cases, many wonder if they should handle their own claim or not, and it’s important for each of these individuals to understand the pros and cons of doing so.

Pros of Handling One’s Own Insurance Claim

There aren’t many advantages to filing an auto insurance claim without legal help since an attorney will obviously have far more experience in these situations than the typical person, but this doesn’t mean that there are no advantages of doing so.

The most obvious presumed benefit is that a person will save money. Legal professionals aren’t always affordable, so those who can avoid hiring one may save some money. It should be noted, though, that this isn’t usually the case when a car accident causes serious injuries. A serious injury can lead to future medical costs that the insurance company may try to avoid, and this can end detrimentally for the accident victim.

One Miami auto accident attorney firm stated, “Many people find this process quite challenging, especially if they’ve been injured.” If an accident leads to no injuries or the injuries only require a single visit to the doctor, however, an attorney may not be necessary. These settlements are often small enough that insurance adjusters will just offer fair compensation the first time around.

Cons of Handling One’s Own Insurance Claim

The disadvantages of handling one’s own insurance claim are numerous, but they will only exist in certain situations. As mentioned above, there are some accidents that are so minor that hiring an attorney isn’t even worth it. When serious injuries do occur, however, a legal professional will have the experience to know whether or not their clients will need future medical care. If they do, the lawyer can help ensure that a settlement is enough to cover these future bills.

Additionally, a person who handles their own claim will likely have trouble recovering appropriate damages for pain and suffering. Those who experience pain due to their injury are entitled to this compensation, but the typical person usually will have no clue on how to assign a value to their pain. Once again, however, legal professionals have often already dealt with these types of issues, and they can work on a fair settlement with the insurer.

Finally, the fact that insurers know that most accident victims don’t have a firm grasp on laws within a state means that they’ll usually offer unfair settlements if damages are significant. This can lead an unsuspecting accident victim into taking an unfair settlement that won’t cover all of their medical bills, lost wages and other damages. When the insurer knows that a victim has a legal representative on their side, on the other hand, they’re much likelier to offer a fair settlement to avoid litigation.

An auto accident that leads to medical bills, lost time at work and the need for vehicle repairs can seriously affect a person’s ability to properly maintain a budget. It’s often a good idea to hire a legal professional in these instances to help ensure maximum compensation, but as described above, this may not always be essential. Every individual in this position should look at their specific situation, including accident severity and financial loss, and make the call on whether or not they can successfully handle their auto insurance claim on their own.

Legal writer Lisa Coleman shares the pros and cons of retaining a legal representative for consult regarding a serious car accident claim. She recently read online at http://www.injurylawyers.com/miami-auto-accident-attorney/ the process a person could take in order to file their own claim, and how, when faced with difficulties, they can get help with the claims process from Miami experienced attorney firm, Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, to obtain a fair settlement.

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