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Handling your own Auto Insurance Claim: Is this Wise?

21. October 2013


With the economy still not fully recovered from the economic recession of 2008, keeping one’s finances in order can prove to be difficult. Unfortunately, if a person is involved in an auto accident, they can face additional bills that make financial planning even more difficult. Luckily, when an individual isn’t at fault for their accident, […]

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4 Tips To Stretch Your Money After An Injury

15. October 2013


If you have been injured—whether it’s a work-related injury, an unfortunate fall, a car accident, or any other mishap—it can sometimes be difficult on your finances. If your injury causes you to miss work, you may find that you really have to stretch the income that you have coming in. Here are a few tips […]

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5 Common Mistakes With Personal Finance and How To Fix Them

7. October 2013


The world of personal finance is no doubt capricious and fleeting. The ups and downs, comprising wild day-to-day Wall Street rides for some, can fill their lives with anxiety as well as elation. Cite the wound-licking from the 2008 crash that has now come to teach us investors that we have to be smart and […]

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Professional Development: 5 Winning Ways to a Successful Career

6. October 2013

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It’d be difficult to find a person in the world who didn’t want to achieve success in their career. Hard work definitely goes a long way in the business world, but a person must also focus on their professional development. Hard work will only go so far if an individual isn’t progressing in their career. […]

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