Life Hacking Financial Ideas For 2013

Sun, Nov 18, 2012

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2013 is shaping up to be another tough year for the global economy. Here we present potential financial hacks one may need to introduce beginning in 2013 in order to preserve their homes, bank accounts and jobs.

Slice Up Non-Point Credit Cards

Many people have combinations of cash back rewards credit cards and a high credit line monster with APR’s which rival payday loans.  It would behoove the frugal financiers to cut up their non-point cards and take every opportunity to pay down high balances on points cards, saving the points until mid-November next year and use that for year-end expenses.  Take every opportunity given to get 5%-15% when offered, taking every point or dime earned and stashing it since many points have no expiration.

Supplement Income With Contingency Jobs

Your corner cubicle position will simply not dent expenses as it used to; finding freelance writing gigs from platforms like oDesk, Elance or Guru would provide much needed secondary income sources which can be done within your own timeframes.  Writing articles, helping with telesales and programming gigs are always available on these platforms; use the free time normally used eating Chinese food and complaining about the cable bill to finally do something about your financial shortfalls since you may not have the opportunity later when tax cuts are introduced for the rich, and hiked for the poor.

Invest In Metals

When all chaos erupts, metal owners will have the keys to food, housing and everything else which was used several hundred years ago as trade bait.  Silver, palladium and platinum should be heavily collected, as should moderate amounts of gold.  Maintaining frugality while stashing these metals will increase the value as more metals become fully mined – silver is nearly 97% fully mined around the world.  Keeping metals safe while still paying bills and not selling these precious commodities to some heartless gold broker will allow the value to continually build up as you pass it down the family tree.

Run Towards Prepaid

Whoever invented, conceived or threw into mainstream the ideology of prepaying for everything apparently had the Obama administration foreshadowed.  Prepaying for phone service, internet and anything commonly used while switching to low monthly streaming movies will save your life on normally high taxes.  Add up just your extra fees on cellular service and compare that with the small FCC fee added during checkout when buying prepaid cards, and see the difference.

Paying for devices upfront ameliorates arguments caused when ending wireless contracts, too, since some phone companies love to stiff consumers with extra equipment costs when breaking contracts offered with promotional pricing.  Consider this financial hack to cut out slamming charges, extra fees and any costs which are unmerited.

Control Utility Consumption

Utilities cause more havoc on homeowners with little choice but acceptance of rate hikes since, of course, winter is coming and heat is needed.  There are small conservation methods which everyone knows yet rarely uses since we’re a society built for ‘convenience’.  You need to always do the following:

Set room temps to spring weather (high 60’s) since blankets cost very little if cold

Use low wattage bulbs in rooms with little significance on daily life

Keep everything insulated properly, even if that means silicone spraying windows

Turn off all major electronics which have no use after sleep hours

Test all gas-based appliances for leaks often

Utilities can thump your pocketbook pretty heavily, leaving little choice but to pay.  Square your power bills late, and fees begin to increase; make sure you always pay on time, too.

In Closing

Your financial health could deteriorate in 2013 if you’ve never learned monetary frugality.  Saving every penny possible, stocking up on items which would be used to trade if times get too tough, and making sure to use gasless methods of going to work when only several block away from job would be your potentially best avenue for surviving the expected financial crash of 2013.

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Writer, frugal living connoisseur and aficionado of financial shortcuts define Dave perfectly.  Flawed as many humans are, Chicago Cubs baseball, articulating the inevitable and providing useful financial assistance utilizing the cash loans resources he has make his daily activities full of excitable moments.

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