How amputation can result in a claim for medical negligence

Mon, Oct 15, 2012

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If you have undertaken surgery for an amputation, you will need to confront the situation.  Unfortunately, this can be compounded if you find out that an unnecessary amputation has taken place or that it was performed negligently. In this case, you will likely be wondering what you can do about it. Suing the NHS is a popular course of action. Here are five of the more common causes of a wrongful amputation that you can make a negligence claim against.

1. Wrong limb removal

Although numerous advances have been made in the history of medicine, people continue to make fundamental and basic mistakes that can result in some serious consequences. A surgeon, or a surgeon’s preparation staff, labelling the wrong amputation for removal, is the most tragic and one of the most common causes behind a wrong amputation. Such medical negligence claims are not the easiest to work with because should the wrong limb be removed, another operation is needed to amputate the correct limb.

2. Misdiagnosis Of Cancer

Should one of your limbs be diagnosed with cancer and there is a concern that it may spread, an option is to remove the limb. If this occurs and upon inspection, after the amputation has occurred, it is found that no cancer existed, this can result in a successful claim for medical negligence.


3. Misdiagnosis of risk of cancer spreading

Not dissimilar to the cause just mentioned, if a limb has been diagnosed with cancer, and removal has been recommended, it may be found later that no such risk was present which again, can result in a successful medical negligence claim.


4. A surgical error

If an injury is sustained to one of your limbs as a result of a motorcycle or car accident, the surgeon may view your injuries so severely that an amputation is needed. However, once the amputation has occurred and it was found that a repair could have proved successful, you may be able to claim for medical negligence.


5. Medical treatment negligence

If a surgeon, whilst performing an operation on a limb, causes further injury, this could result in the limb having to be amputated. If the treatment results in medical negligence this can lead to a compensation claim.

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