US Prices Too High? Here Are 10 Things That Cost Way More Abroad!

Thu, Aug 30, 2012

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As an American, paying too much for consumer goods seems to be just part of life. But is the US really that expensive? For most things probably, but lets spare a thought for those paying much more than we could imagine for certain consumer goods, and it may just make us feel a whole lot better.

Gas In Europe

When we are paying $4 a gallon of gas, you would be excused for thinking that filling up your car couldn’t ever get more expensive, but the truth is that we pay only half of what you would expect to pay throughout Europe. It is not unusual to pay over $8 per gallon in much of Europe, with Norway smashing the record with a charge in excess of $9. The majority of this charge is as you have probably already guessed; taxes. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

Buying A Car

Buying a car is never cheap no matter what country you live in, but for some it is not even a viable option. A teacher in the US would expect to pay only 23% of their yearly salary to purchase an entry level vehicle, whereas in South Africa this percentage would cost upwards of 95% and in Brazil 122%. A car costing only $15,000 in the US costs approximately $33,000 in Brazil. Even in Australia you would be expected to pay 30% more than you would do here.

Driving In London

When driving in London it would be wise to bring your wallet with you, as the average cost of parking will be in excess of $1,000 per month. Though the charges wont stop there;  a further $18 will be charged each and every time you enter the city limits, with a failure to pay costing you $180.
A city worker can pay in excess of $16,680 per year on-top of the initial cost of purchasing their car, their insurance, and their gas.

Fast Food

Though we may believe that fast food is our god given right, the cost can add up if you eat out far too often. In the US we pay only $4.22 on average for a Big Mac, with China paying as little as $2.44. In the country of Chad you would be expected to pay upwards of $25 for the same burger. A pizza in Brazil would also be likely to set you back $27 with a further $19 due if that pizza was ordered with a two litre bottle of Coke.

Coffee In Tokyo

While Americans often spend $20 per working week on their favourite hot refreshment, in Tokyo you may have to miss your morning coffee. At $8.29 per cup it is perhaps the most expensive standard cup of coffee in the world, and probably the reason that Tokyo is the most expensive city for an American to live while working abroad.

Jeans in Angola

Designer jeans can be expensive, with the most expensive pair costing $1.3 million (jewel encrusted by Secret Circus), but the average pair of jeans in the US costs under $50. In Angola however, the same type of jeans will cost the buyer an average of $177.


In the US beer is relatively cheap when compared to our neighbours in Greenland. An average beer bought in the US will set you back a mere $3, whereas you will pay an astonishingly expensive $12 per beer in Greenland.

Movie Tickets In Tokyo

Going to the movies is definitely getting much more expensive, with average prices in New York reaching $13, and the rest of the states an already expensive $8. In Tokyo however you will pay $25 to watch your movie of choice, and double that if you plan to bring a date.

Internet Access In Turkmenistan

An internet connection may have been expensive in the US at one time, but it would certainly never have been as expensive as it is in Turkmenistan where broadband will set you back a mere $1,600 per month (you get unlimited access though). This amazing price has been levied by the only company that offers it within the country.

Cigarettes in Ireland & New Zealand

Now obviously smoking is bad for you, but for many it is also exceptionally expensive. To smoke in Ireland will cost you £11 per packet, and in New Zealand $11.70. These prices are often cited as the main reason that the black market for cigarettes has increased so much in size over the last 10 years.

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