Changes You Can Make to Save Money When Things Get Close

Sun, Jul 22, 2012


When you have a lot of financial obligations and not a lot of money coming in, it’s easy to get stressed out. However, it’s not necessary to panic. There are always ways you can save money even if you are facing a dire financial situation.

Make Large Amounts of Food
The easiest way to save money is to change your dietary habits. Many people either eat out every night or make something different to eat every night. Both of these options are expensive. Eating out is more expensive than eating at home, but you still will spend a lot of money if you make different meals on a frequent basis.

Instead, make a large amount of food–far more than can feed yourself and your family. Put the leftovers into Tupperware containers and freeze them. You can then take the food out of the freezer and defrost it every night. This should allow you to save money by eating the same food for about a week.

Similarly, you can save money by buying food such as cereal and nuts in bulk. Instead of buying small amounts over and over, buy a large amount. If you store these food items appropriately, they should last six months to a year. Although your initial cost may be higher than the cost of one small box of cereal or small package of grains, you will save money over time by buying in bulk.

Combine Errands Into One Route
Gas is another large expense that many people must deal with. One way to save on gas is to do several errands at one time. Create a route that makes sense–go to the store that is furtherest away, then gradually come closer to home. Then devote one day to doing all of your errands. Although this may be more tiring than going out every day to do one or two things, it can really help save on gas. The less gas you have to put in your car, the more money you’ll save.

Recycle As Much As Possible
Many things that you can no longer use for their original purpose can be re-purposed so that you don’t have to spend money on new items. For example, you can use mismatched socks as washcloths rather than buying new washcloths. You can also make toys for your kids out of many common household items, especially crayon slivers and old socks. Be creative when you are about to throw something away and you will find a number of new uses for it. This will allow you to save money by creating all sorts of new items for yourself and your family to use instead of going out to the store and buying expensive items.

Although saving money often seems difficult once you’ve cut back to everything but bare essentials, there’s always more ways to save. If you use some creativity and plan things out logically, you can save a few pennies here and there, which adds up to some big savings for you.

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