10 Tips To Help Make Motoring Cheaper For You

Sat, Jul 7, 2012

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Motoring is getting more and more expensive every single year with petrol costs spiralling upwards, road tax becoming more expensive and car insurance increasing in price every year.

For many families, motoring is one of the biggest expenses, so much so that many people can’t even afford to drive to work because of the cost of running a car!

So how can you save money and make motoring cheaper for you? These 10 tips will give you some advice and help you make driving cheaper.

Tip 1 : Saving On Road Tax

Road tax is now based on the CO2 output from your car. Older cars, and cars with bigger engines, tend to produce more CO2. Trading in your car for a newer car or a car with a lower CO2 output could save you a lot of money! Some of the lowest CO2 producing cars will cost you around £20 a year in road tax!

Tip 2: Shop Around For Petrol

There can be a big difference in price for petrol at different petrol stations. Make sure you are aware of where the best deals are and factor in the savings from supermarket in-store promotions and store card deals, e.g. Nectar Card and Club card. Whilst the amount you could save each time you fill up isn’t that high, it soon adds up over the year.

Tip 3 : Compare Your Insurance Quotes

You will be surprised how much you can save by using insurance comparison sites. Use two or three sites to get the best quotes and you could be knocking hundreds of pounds off your insurance costs every year.

Tip 4 : Save Using Credit Card Cash Back Deals

Some credit cards will give you cash backs on your purchases of up to 3%! If you pay off your credit card each month, this is a great way to save some additional money on your petrol, insurance and other motoring costs.

Tip 5 : Save Money On Your MOT

Many garages run promotions on the cost of an MOT (normal price £54.85) allowing you to get an MOT for around half price in many cases. However, most garages make their money on the repairs and can recommend repairs that aren’t actually needed. Local councils run their own MOT test centres which can test your car and have no vested interest in making money from repairing your car – they don’t do repairs, just MOT’s!

Tip 6 : Don’t Buy Premium Fuels Unless Your Car Needs It

People can be suckered into paying as much as 8p or 9p more a litre for a premium fuel under the false belief it is better for their car. Most cars don’t need this fuel and it does almost nothing for them. If you want to use it to look after your engine use three tanks of premium fuel to clean your engine then return to regular fuel.

Tip 7: Save on Breakdown Cover

Shop around for your breakdown cover and haggle for the best deal – particularly on renewal. Many breakdown companies won’t offer you the best deals when you renew – insist on the deals new customers get and you could save on your premiums!

Tip 8: Save Fuel by Changing Your Driving Habits

Your driving habits heavily influence fuel consumption. Driving in the right gear for the engine, accelerating gently, slowing naturally and more can help you increase your fuel efficiency by up to 60%!

Tip 9 : Declutter Your Car

If you looked in the boot of your car, how much stuff are you carrying around that you don’t really need? Remove the excess weight from your car and you’ll save on expensive fuel!

Tip 10 : Buy Car Parts Yourself

Garages can often charge over the odds for car parts. By sourcing them yourself (through specialist part companies, scrap dealers and auction sites) you can save a lot of money.

Motoring is expensive these days, but with some thought and planning you can save yourself a pretty penny and make it much more affordable. These 10 tips will help get you started in making driving put more money in your pocket.

Article Provided by Ian at his insurance blog, I am currently looking for guest contributors to write for us, please get in touch!

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