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Fri, Jun 22, 2012

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Summer is often a time when, in one way or another, our spending hits a peak. Having come through a winter when the weather may have curtailed lots of our entertainment activities, and spent spring making plans for the lighter, brighter days ahead, including lots of treats such as days out, the time has now come to make the most of the better weather and the holidays.
But with lots of families finding that their income isn’t keeping pace with the cost of the day-to-day necessities, let alone those special treats, it isn’t always easy to budget to enjoy summer in the way those longer, warmer days deserve.

So as the season approaches, and the days lengthen, here is a small sample of ways you can stretch your summer budget:

  • Take advantage of local dining clubs: most big towns and cities run membership schemes which, for a small fee, offer discounts on eating out at certain times. This is a great way of stretching your entertaining budget
  • Look for deals on group buying sites: these are very common now, and you can get some really good discounts off not just meals, but days out for the family at some top attractions. You might have to be quick to snap up the best bargains, and book well ahead to secure the date you want, but these deals often mean you can afford to treat yourself and those you love
  • Cut the cost of holding a family barbecue by signing up for online deal alerts from supermarkets, as well as independent operators which trawl the web and put together lists of the best food and drink deals
  • Summer is peak wedding time, of course, which means you might be facing the expense of a new outfit. Why not look instead into the cost of hiring a posh frock or quality suit, or visit your nearest dress agency, where people trade in occasion wear which they no longer need?
  • If you’re travelling abroad this summer, avoid being clobbered by mobile phone costs. While roaming charges are now subject to a cap, this can still blow a hole in the holiday budget, so keep outgoing calls to a minimum, and don’t be tempted to spend hours browsing online, as this is particularly expensive
  • For a back-to-basics break which can bring the family together, try camping. So much cheaper and flexible than guest houses or hotels, you can buy all the gear needed cheaply online, and even do so for a budget by using tools to set a maximum bid.

There’s no need to miss out on the joys of summer – but equally your bank balance doesn’t have to turn as red as your skin under the hot sun! And if you save some money on your outings and treats this summer, why not let us know?

Victoria is a freelance writer, specialising in the subjects of personal finance, no fax payday loans, and moneysaving tips.

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