Dating Without Spending a lot of Money

Tue, May 10, 2011


Guys, you can spend less money on your dates while still giving the girl a great experience.

Too many guys think the only way to impress a woman is with an expensive date. But there are many other ways to show her your awesomeness. Spending money is simply a method of impressing a woman. But there are plenty of great ways to impress a woman that don’t cost a thing. Because when it comes down to it, most women don’t want money, they want emotions.

A guy who spends a lot of money is trying to give her emotions of safety (financially) and that she is cared for. He is also attempting to give her the feeling that she is in the presence of a successful man. And then she may conclude that you are a leader or very talented.

Yes, there are indeed women who are only looking for money. There are women who require a certain level of financial success in a potential partner. Ignore those women. They have ruled you out. Luckily for you, there are plenty of beautiful women who desire things that money can’t buy.

Most pretty girls don’t care too much about your wallet IF you are successful.

Being successful doesn’t require money. For instance, most women respect brave firefighters. As a whole, firefighters are not rich.

There are very successful artists who create amazing work but they are not paid well.

If you have a belly full of fiery ambition, plenty of girls will be patient with your current status of broke-dom because they believe in your vision.

Now here is a tip that can change everything for you:

Girls tend to think more of your money situation when they begin to consider you as a boyfriend or future husband. So a great way to get around that is to NOT present yourself as her future spouse!

Instead, present yourself as possibly the most fun and sexual exciting human she has ever been close to.

Be her exciting adventure.

One advantage of being male is that you can start off in the “fling” category and work your way into a relationship, if you choose. Most times, women who project sex immediately can’t shake off that reputation with a guy and then present herself as the future wife.

So be her naughty thrill.

Then if you want a relationship with her, start to show her those deeper qualities such as your caring side, how well you listen to her, your intelligence, etc.

If you’re really broke, you can’t afford a date. Maybe you can’t even afford to buy her a drink at the night club. In this case, get her attracted to you with your charming personality. Your brashness. Your boldness. Your humor.

Be the man who excites her. Become her fantasy.

Maybe she has just ended a long relationship. Be her release.

If you are a musician, give her the fantasy that she has won the guy on stage who all the other girls wanted.

If she is a tourist to your city, be her exotic guide.

Give her the feelings she wants of being with a strong, dominant man. This transfer of feelings doesn’t have to take place over sushi or at a symphony. It can happen in the park or at the beach or in the mall.

If you want to get women without draining your bank account, the money has to be in your words. Your conversation must be golden. Your attitude invaluable.

Your kiss should electrify her.

Be extremely confident and aggressive when it comes to GIVING to her. You must give her amazing pleasure.

Give her the promise of sexual pleasure or the pleasure of desiring her so she feels hot.

Dating doesn’t require you to give her money. It requires you to give her intense feelings.

– HogWild is a dating coach whose dating advice videos have 2 million views on youtube. Check out his professional dating advice web site.

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