Want More Money? Bet On It!

Sun, Sep 5, 2010

Budgeting, Financial Advice

Getting in shape financially is a lot like getting in shape physically. Success depends on planning, goals, discipline, and accountability. You often hear about people having success with their fitness when they partner up with a friend because they do not want to leave their friend hanging to work out alone. The same accountability idea can be applied to money, if you give yourself a severe penalty for not following your plan and have a friend to hold you accountable.

The bottom line is some people react better to a stick than a carrot. In the working out example, those who do not want to let their friend down are moving away from the pain and embarrassment that would bring. To move away from pain and embarrassment with money, you have to put it on the line. A lot of it. Put some money up that says you have to save a certain amount, start a certain investment plan, launch a new business, whatever it might be.

If you do not follow through, the money goes to your friend, to charity, or anywhere else that is not your pocket. You will be surprised how different you act about money when you stand to lose a lot of it. This must be a real challenge, and you have to trust your friend will follow through with giving the money away if you fail. There are sites like stickk.com and others that will match you up with accountability partners. If you have that one roadblock with money that you just cannot get past, this could be a good approach to make sure you do it.

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