The Best Cities in the US For Job Seekers

Mon, Aug 9, 2010

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The current national unemployment rate is approaching 10%. In many areas, it is already much higher than that. Experts advise that this “jobless recovery” might continue for some time, and those seeking jobs are now commonly having to expand their geographic horizons. To highlight this current trend of moving where the jobs are, Kiplinger Finance recently conducted a study attempting to derive the best five cities in which to find a job.

Austin, Texas

Austin has long been a hub of start-ups and growing companies. Examples of industry leaders who trace their roots to Austin include Dell Computer and Whole Foods. In addition to a vibrant economy, Austin also offers a wide array of outdoors activities along with a energetic nightlife scene driven by the proximity of the University of Texas.

Washington, DC

Washington is now benefiting from two trends — the growth of the Federal Government and the influx of major corporations. The nation’s capitol is now home to companies including Hilton, SAIC, Computer Sciences Corp and Northrop Grumman. This has helped DC maintain stronger employment numbers when compared to other cities across the country.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the birthplace of several famous companies including Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon. Additionally, quite a few new companies have been started in the area by former executives from these large corporations. Furthermore, the University of Washington has a strong presence in Seattle and attracts partner start-up private companies in cutting edge areas like nuclear medicine and the biosciences.

Boulder, Colorado

Obviously the top choice for those who enjoy hitting the slopes, Boulder is home to over 6500 small business which most often prove to be the greatest engine for job growth. The nearby University and several federal research facilities also have created a plethora of job opportunities in Boulder.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The low cost of the area has attracted quite a few large businesses to Salt Lake City, and myriad new start-ups have decided to call Salt Lake City home. This has resulted in a low unemployment rate, however, the recent recession has taken a bit of a toll on Salt Lake City putting the damper on its previously ultra-low unemployment rate.

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