Put Savings On Autopilot

Sun, Aug 15, 2010

Financial Advice

It is easy for us to say we want to save more, but it is a different story to put your money where your mouth is. Too often it is a struggle once we have a full paycheck in our hands to do the right thing and avoid needless spending.

To take this issue off the table, consider adjusting the direct deposit on your paycheck at work to automatically put a certain percentage of your pay directly into a separate savings account. Check with your employer to find out if they offer this method of splitting your direct deposit. If you do not have a separate savings account, it is worth creating one to distinguish from your spending account.

If you are unable to set this up through your job, many banks will offer to take a certain percentage of deposits to your regular checking account and shift them into a savings account.

If you get a good rate of interest on the account and are disciplined, you can accrue a lot of savings through compound interest over time. Sometimes it is not enough to simply rely on your discipline to control bad spending habits. Putting money into savings before it touches your pocket is a great way to do this, and it can put you on the path to turning around your net worth.

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