Knowing vs. Doing The Right Thing Financially

Thu, Jul 1, 2010

Financial Advice

If you are reading this, there is a good chance it is not the first time you have looked for financial advice. There are many time tested ways out there to organize yourself and right your finances. If the information is so readily available, then why do so many people not have their act together financially? It is one thing to read about and know what the right thing to do with money is, and it is an entirely different thing to put that into practice.

One thing you can do when thinking about how you spend money is to translate everything into time. In other words, do not judge the cost of something by the dollar amount, but by how many hours it takes you to earn that amount at your rate? If something costs 5 hours out of your 40 hour work week, it sounds a lot steeper than just saying $60 or $80 bucks. It gets even worse if using a credit card that will be paid back with interest over time.

Many spending patterns are just bad habits. The mere act of journaling every single expense down to the tiniest pack of gum or can of soda can makes a lot of people change their ways without even trying. Track all of your spending without trying to change anything and see what happens. You might be surprised.

There are many ways to get yourself to improve your financial habits without pulling teeth. The key is to find things that make it happen automatically, rather than relying on yourself to make the right decision in the moment. To do this, you must know yourself and what will work with your psychology to motivate the change.

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