3 Things You Can Do To Get A Raise

Sun, Jul 4, 2010

Financial Advice

When it comes to changing your financial picture, you want to be burning the candle at both ends. Obviously, it involves spending smartly and saving wherever you can. You also want to be doing everything you can to maximize the money you take in as well. Here are a few ways you might not have thought of to increase the value you get at work.

1. Become More Qualified On Paper.
In some jobs, it is obvious what the qualifications are for stepping up your salary, such as an accountant becoming a CPA or a paralegal going to law school. However, there are often opportunities like this in less obvious ways. Think about areas of your company using new tools and technology. Often times there are exams and certifications you can take in different software programs or using different equipment that can make you more valuable. The same goes for certain college courses or degrees you can complete at night school or even online. When you finish the process, you will have much more leverage to ask for a raise even if your boss did not require you to do it.

2. Become More Valuable To The Company.
Honestly consider how efficiently you use your time at work and whether you goof off at all. If you do, change your pattern so you finish your normal duties early every day. With the extra time, figure out the most valuable thing to the company that you can help with in addition to your job and figure out how to contribute without being asked. After you have established yourself in the new role, you will be in position to get a raise.

3. Restructure Your Time.
If you work a typical 40 hour week, see if your company is flexible enough to let you come in an hour early and leave an hour later, letting you complete 40 hours in 4 days rather than 5. With the extra time, you can pick up some other income or enjoy more use of your own time. If you work part time spread over the week, see if you can get your hours put into fewer days and pick up another part time job. This will add up fast, and you will be well on your way to getting ahead.

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