Landing A Job For Only $6

Sun, Jun 6, 2010

Financial News

Current unemployment levels are at historic highs — in some areas upwards of 15% of the population are now unemployed. Many eager — if not desperate — job seekers are constantly looking for ways to outshine their competition and quickly get back to receiving a dependable paycheck. In this arena, the spoils most often go to the most persistent and creative job applicants. Some attain their new dream job using quite unorthodox methods. Take for example the case of Alec Brownstein of New York City who was recently let go from his advertising position.

When seeking a new job, Mr. Brownstein played upon the ego of his potential new employers. He researched who the decision makers are at the advertising firms he was applying for work with, and Mr. Brownstein then subsequently purchased their names via the Google Adsense program. This is Google’s advertising regimen which results in the paid ads you see on the right column when doing a search. Consequently, when these executives in charge of hiring decisions did an “ego search” googling their own name, they then saw a link for Mr. Brownstein’s resume come up prominently on the right column seeing no one else would have ever thought to buy the executive’s name as an Adsense advertiser.

Google charges for this program per click — and Mr. Brownstein incurred a total bill of $6 from Google for their services. He also received a rapid job offer from an advertising firm which was highly impressed with his tenacity and creativity. Those who are seeking jobs can take a lesson from this and attempt to think outside of the proverbial box.

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